School Board

The goal of the School Board is to maintain a Catholic educational community that is in accordance with and subject to the standards, guidelines, and discipline of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Cruces. The School Board consists of a maximum of 12 voting members. The Bishop of Las Cruces appointed four Priests from among the four area parishes to serve as voting members of the School Board. Not more than one-quarter of the voting members of the Board may be parents or other family members of children currently enrolled in the school.

2016-2017 School Board Members:

Mr. Larry Brown, Chairperson

Mr. Anthony Herrera, Vice-Chairperson

Mr. Ned Kline, Secretary

Mrs. Rebecca Chavez, Treasurer

Mrs. Valerie Brown

Mr. Richard Sharrio

Mr. Bill Gayso

Mrs. Jerry Wussler


Fr. Martin Cornejo-Garcia
Fr. Bedemore Udechuku
Fr. Tom Hoffman
Fr. Theophine Okafor


Mr. Victor Gonzales, Principal

Mrs. Anabel Yanez, HSA President