School Uniforms

School Uniforms

Parents have the first responsibility to see that their children follow the school’s Dress Code.  Uniforms are worn on a daily basis, and at times and events determined by the Administrator.  Uniform dress encourages a sense of common bond and purpose and it creates a sense of belonging to the School community.  It also eliminates the unhealthy distraction of keeping up with material fads and fashions.

Early Learning Center Uniforms: The uniform for boys and girls in the Early Learning Center consists of khaki or navy blue pants or shorts with a navy blue, light blue or white polo shirt or a spirit shirt.

For Mass dress, students in the Early Learning Center are required to wear either a button down oxford shirt for boys or a peter pan blouse for girls.

K-5th Grade Boys Uniforms: For Mass Dress, boys are required to wear a blue or white button down collared shirt (oxford shirt) with a neck tie.  Clip on ties and bow ties are also acceptable.  The ties must also be navy/light blue and/or white.  Blazers are available and recommended but not required at this time.:    The uniforms for boys consists of khaki or blue shorts/pants for boys with a navy/light blue or white polo shirt.  The shirts must be tucked in and a belt is required.  

K-5th Grade GIRLS Uniforms:  The uniforms for girls consists of khaki or blue pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers with a navy/light blue or white polo shirt. Sandals and opened toes shoes are not allowed.

For Mass Dress, girls are required to wear either a khaki or blue skirt or jumper with a peter pan blouse and crossover tie.  During the winter time, girls are allowed to wear leggings.  Girls are also REQUIRED to wear shorts under their skirts and dresses.  Blazers are available and recommended to be worn when wearing a skirt as part of Mass dress but not required at this time.

*Spirit shirts for K-5th grade may only be worn on Fridays and any other day designated by school administration.   Order forms for spirit shirts may be picked up in the office or they may be ordered online at  School ID: 6825

The Administrator will make discretionary decisions regarding appropriate attire in a consistent, fair manner.  If students are not in compliance with the dress code, parents will be called and requested to bring appropriate dress.

Physical Education Attire

It is recommended that children bring a change of clothes for Physical Education on PE Days.  Appropriate PE attire consists navy blue shorts/sweatpants and a spirit shirt.  Modest length, shorts should extend at least to the tips of the fingertips for both males and females.  Gym shoes are required to be worn.  Changing to/from P.E. attire will be done prior to the P.E. period.

Mass Days

On days in which Mass will be celebrated, students should dress appropriately.  Boys shall be in Navy blue or khaki pants with the white, navy blue or light blue oxford shirts and tie with blazer (recommended).  Girls shall be in navy blue or khaki jumpers or skirts with peter pan blouses and crossover tie. Blazers are recommended for girls when wearing a skirt.

The Administrator will make discretionary decisions regarding appropriate attire in a consistent, fair manner.  If students are not in compliance with the dress code, parents will be called and requested to bring appropriate dress.

General Guidelines

  • Shirts and blouses should be of solid color, have collars and sleeves (sleeveless is not allowed) and be tucked in at all times.
  • Navy blue cardigan sweaters and fleece or bomber jackets may be worn over shirts or blouses during cold weather.  Non-uniform heavy coats may only be worn outside, during cold weather.
  • Jewelry must be conservative; for example, a watch, simple necklace, small hoop (about one-half inch) or stud earrings for girls.
  • Belts must fit the waist and not extend beyond the buckle more than three inches.

Specifically Prohibited

  • Clothing with printing, advertising, logos, designs, ruffles or excessive lacework or sweatpants (except for PE).
  • Shorts that do not reach fingertips at arm’s length
  • Shoes with patterns, colors or reflecting elements, open-toe shoes, flip flops, high heels, fad shoes, bare feet.
  • Loose, baggy pants that hang or fall down below the waist.
  • Western belts with large buckles in excess of two inches (safety hazard)
  • Faded slacks, shorts, or shirts are not allowed.
  • Boy’s pants hem must cover the ankle.
  • Skirts and skorts will fit properly at the waist and finished with a manufactured hem and must be at least knee length.
  • Only FJBH jackets and sweaters or solid navy blue sweaters and sweatshirts may be worn in the classroom.
  • No outside jackets may be worn during class.
  • Earrings for boys
  • Body piercing or tattooing



  • Hair must be neatly combed
  • No fad style haircuts: mushroom haircuts, shaved heads, spiked, mohawks, etc.
  • Hair length must be short, clean, and tapered/layered with bangs above eyebrows
  • No colored hair
  • No facial hair


  • Hair must be neatly combed
  • No fad style haircuts: mushroom haircuts, shaved heads, spiked, mohawks, etc.
  • No unnatural looking colored or streaked hair (i.e. blue, red, green, etc.)
  • No white tip nails, acrylic nails, or colored nail polish (clear polish only)
  • No make-up may be worn


  • No purses or fanny packs in the classrooms or at church
  • Scarves and gloves may be worn during colder weather outside only
  • Bandannas and any fad accessories are not to be worn at any time
  • Caps and hats are not to be worn at any time in the building
  • Jewelry–Students may wear the following:
    • A Christian religious symbol on a small chain around the neck
    • A watch or religious bracelet
    • One pair only of post (stud) earrings (girls only)
    • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings

Free Dress Fridays

Students must dress in good taste. The following items are not permitted:

  • Halter and spaghetti straps
  • Strapless, low-cut dresses or partial or bare midriffs
  • Cut-off tops, see-through clothing
  • Clothing with slogans, wording, or pictures of a questionable nature
  • Short shorts (shorts must be below the finger tips)
  • Tight or baggy clothes
  • long belts
  • Clothing with holes
  • Muscle shirts or sleeveless shirts
  • Open-toe shoes

Free Dress Day passes may be awarded for good behavior.  They may also be purchased for $1.00 each which benefits classrooms funds.  Free Dress Day passes may be used on Fridays only unless stated otherwise.  Jeans may only be worn with a Free Dress Day Pass.

Judging length of Shorts

When a student is standing with hands along the sides, the shorts must be no shorter than the end of the fingertips.  As a rule, if the shorts are at least knee length, there will not be an issue.  This applies to both boys and girls.  Shirts are to be tucked into trousers or shorts.

Dress Code Violations

The School Board has established a dress code for all students. Parents/guardians accept responsibility for their children’s adherence to the dress code. If students are not in proper uniform, parents may be called to bring proper uniform items.

Students will not be allowed to attend class, field trips, or other school functions until proper attire arrives. After the 5th uniform infraction, a $10 fee may be assessed for each subsequent infraction.  Continued failure to follow the uniform requirements will result in suspension and/or removal from the school

Parent/Volunteer Dress Code

Parents or volunteers coming to the school in a supervisory capacity must maintain a professional image and dress modestly and appropriately for the environment. Please do not wear casual clothing, such as old jeans or jogging suits. Please do not wear revealing attire, as it is important to set an acceptable example for the children of the school.